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Meet Randi L. Cooper

Randi L. Cooper has been a licensed California attorney since 2001. In addition to operating her law practice, Ms. Cooper has utilized her legal experience as a Mediator and Facilitator for the Los Angeles City Attorney Dispute Resolution Program and the Neighborhood Justice Program.

She also previously hosted a radio show on KTYM (1460 AM) every Friday morning. The show provided the local community with an informational forum that dealt with everyday legal issues.

Ms. Cooper is also community minded and has provided pro bono legal services through the Harriet Buhai Family Law Clinic and the Public Counsel Bankruptcy Self-Help Clinic.  While Ms. Cooper’s experience is widely varied and her practice has included personal injury, bankruptcy, civil litigation, real estate and small business law, her primary focus is family law.  Ms. Cooper uses the skills that she has obtained over the years in helping individuals work through what for some has proven to be difficult times.

Clients have so many options available to them in selecting an attorney.  The factors that many consider are cost, location, experience, and whether they prefer a large firm or a small one.  When the time comes to make a decision, it usually comes down to whether or not the attorney engenders trust. Can the attorney handle their unique case? And for many…will they be understood? What Ms. Cooper can offer is value, integrity, and experience.  Her clients experience direct attorney client communication. Each and every case is important, big or small. She has been consistently characterized as dependable and caring. She exudes a positivity that has definitely proven to be an asset to her client’s. She gets the job done.


“My experience with the family services of Attorney Randi L Cooper was pleasant and positive. Ms. Cooper, aside from being very well versed in family law, her guidance and experience through those troubled waters provided comfort and confidence that the agreed upon divorce settlement was fair and reasonable.

As a male in a divorce I wanted to be fair as well as understood and not viewed as a monster. Ms. Cooper guided me through the negotiations with the experience and knowledge of a professional. Her services are both efficient and honest. I would recommend her family law services to all.”


Areas of Law

Family Law

We provide comprehensive family law representation for all individuals with the following concerns and issues:


Long Term Marriages

Summary Dissolution

Same Sex Marriages

Legal Separation

Pre and Post Marital Agreements

Settlement Agreements

Child Custody/Visitation

Petition for Paternity

Parenting Plans

Legal Custody/Physical Custody

• Child Support

• Post Judgment Property Division or Modifications

• Jurisdiction/Venue Issues

• Collaborative Divorce

• Arrears/Contempt Matters

• Petition to Terminate Parental Rights

• Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders


Mediation works well for those couples who can work well together. Mediation is not for a couple in which a restraining order is in effect or where one party is fearful of the other party or where one party has or is able to assert undue influence over the other party. Mediation is a process that requires the parties to work together.

My role as the mediator is to ensure that the parties are able to talk through all of their issues in an effective manner. Mediation is effective with those parties who are looking to avoid litigation.

The use of mediation and negotiation strategies prior to filing for divorce or even after filing can be beneficial to the divorcing parties is many ways. Mediation is the use of a neutral third party to assist in preparing an agreement for divorce or assist in eliminating time consuming issues.

Mediation can be used for any couple willing to listen and compromise in the effort to come to an agreement. Choosing the right mediator is important. We are experienced in dealing with complicated divorce issues.

Limited Scope Representation

Obtaining Legal services can be an expensive prospect.  While not feasible for every case, Limited Scope Representation may be a solution for some.  Limited Scope Representation allows a client to hire me for limited services such as appearances in court, in an advisory position or to assist in the preparation of legal documents for example.  Feel free to contact me to discuss whether or not your case could feasibly be handled as a limited scope matter.

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