Mediation works well for those couples who can work well together. Mediation is not for a couple in which a restraining order is in effect or where one party is fearful of the other party or where one party has or is able to assert undue influence over the other party. Mediation is a process that requires the parties to work together.

My role as the mediator is to ensure that the parties are able to talk through all of their issues in an effective manner. Mediation is effective with those parties who are looking to avoid litigation.

The use of mediation and negotiation strategies prior to filing for divorce or even after filing can be beneficial to the divorcing parties is many ways. Mediation is the use of a neutral third party to assist in preparing an agreement for divorce or assist in eliminating time consuming issues.

Mediation can be used for any couple willing to listen and compromise in the effort to come to an agreement. Choosing the right mediator is important. We are experienced in dealing with complicated divorce issues.