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Cynthia R. Keyes

House Wife
While no one wants to find themselves in a position to need legal services, I was very thankful to have had the pleasure of hiring Ms. Randi Cooper to represent me. Ms. Cooper is a knowledgeable and trustworthy attorney. From the beginning, she helped me through this whole process. I was very impressed with Ms. Cooper's ability to get up to speed on the facts of my case. If you are looking for an attorney who’s perseverance is beyond measure, Randi Cooper is the attorney to seek. Above all Ms. Cooper's compassion is genuine along with the ability to truly listen to her clients, Ms. Cooper will fight for what’s right and lead you every step of the way!! Thank you to the Law Office of Randi L. Cooper for making this so easy!


Business Woman
"Thank you for all your help and patience in my divorce. You made a difficult time a little easier and less stressful, which I greatly appreciate."     


My experience with the family services of Attorney Randi Cooper was pleasant and positive. Ms. Cooper, aside from being very well versed in family law, her guidance and experience through those troubled waters provided comfort and confidence that the agreed upon divorce settlement was fair and reasonable. As a male in a divorce I wanted to be fair as well as understood and not viewed as a monster. Ms. Cooper guided me through the negotiations with the experience and knowledge of a professional. Her services are both efficient and honest. I would recommend her family law services to all.

My Attorney

I was served and had to appear in court the same week. It was a stressful situation. A friend recommended Attorney Cooper. She immediately eased my fears and was the most prepared attorney in the courtroom. To this day I consider her "My Attorney".

Posted by Anonymous

Ms. Cooper has represented me since 2013 on two separate and constantly evolving visitation/child support cases. Her knowledge of the law and procedures specific to counties is unparalleled. I have recommended Ms. Cooper to several of my colleagues.

Long Time Client

Ms. Cooper was so patient with me.  She was available whenever I needed her.


I had a child custody case. Randi was very honest and direct, no beating around the bush with myself, the other party, or the case in general. She was caring and made sure that everything was done correctly. She is a very wonderful lawyer/person. And as she is in L.A. and I'm in the Antelope Valley it was a case she traveled for but was still able to make every appearance and  was very punctual. Thank you Randi Cooper

Highly Recommended

Tyffyny Keo
What I appreciate about Attorney Randi was that she was proactive towards your case. Having four prior lawyers for my ongoing battle, I did not expect any attorney to be as attentive and with open communication. She takes her time when advising you, so we can take the proper route. I have not felt confident in any attorney until now. I definitely recommend her to anyone with a complex case.

Intelligent, Professional and Sincere Legal Assistance!

I am divorcing from my spouse who lives in California while I live in Virginia. I received an invalid summons to California court and needed a lawyer in California for assistance. Ms. Cooper was highly recommended by a friend and she more than lived up to the praise. She immediately recognized the issue and offered me a number of creative solutions. She was able to resolve the issue quickly which drastically reduced costs. In addition to her professionalism and expertise, Ms. Cooper took an interest in my case that made me feel I was more than just another folder on her desk. It was clear that she cared and wanted to help resolve my issue as rapidly and painlessly as possible. She really went above and beyond for me.
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